Creating a New Object Class

This task shows you how to create a new object class.
  1. Select Start > Infrastructure > Feature Dictionary Editor then click Open Application Dictionary . The Open Application Dictionary dialog displays:

  2. Click the down arrow then select one of the categories. Enter a name in the Client ID box. This will appear next to the classes in the specification tree.

    In our scenario, we select the Equipment dictionary and enter DSA as Client ID.

  3. Click OK.

  4. The classes that are available to the document display in the specifications tree under Classes View. The object classes that will be displayed are the base classes included with the application. You cannot rename or delete them, but you can create object classes under them.

  5. Double-click the object class under which you want to create the new class, then click Create Subclass . The Create Subclass dialog box displays:

  6. Enter a name in the Class name box and click OK.

  7. The new object class is created and displays in the specifications tree under Feature View and Classes View.