Creating a New Feature Dictionary

This task shows you how to create a new Feature Dictionary.
Many users finds it sufficient to add classes or attributes to the sample feature dictionary provided with the application. Some may prefer to create one or more new dictionaries. The Feature Dictionary is managed as a project resource management.
  1. Start the Feature Dictionary Editor and click Open Application Dictionary . The Open Application Dictionary dialog box opens.

  2. Click the down arrow to select an application, such as Piping, and enter a Client ID.

  3. Click OK.

    A new .CATfct is created and the basic classes available to you appear in the feature editor:

  4. Make your additions and save the .CATfct file to the directory: intel_a\resources\graphic.

    When performing a save through File > Save Management, a .CATFct file in read-only mode is not listed in the Save Management dialog box and therefore, cannot be impacted by the Propagate directory capability. On the contrary, if a .CATFct file is not read-only, it is listed in the Save Management dialog box and is also impacted by the propagation, if any.