Starting the Feature Dictionary Editor

This task shows you how to start the Feature Dictionary Editor.
The feature dictionary editor allows you to create delete and manage object classes. Object classes are classifications under which you create various objects, like components, for storing in the catalog. You may, for instance, want to have several object classes under valve_function, one of them being check_valve_function, and create various types of check valve under the class.
  1. Click Start > Infrastructure > Feature Dictionary Editor. The Feature Dictionary Editor opens.

    The specifications tree displays three views. Referenced Dictionary displays under it any external dictionary files that are referenced in the document. Feature View has under it all classes defined in the document. Classes View displays all classes available in the document, including the predefined classes that are included with the application.

    On the right side, Inherited attributes shows attributes that a class inherited from its super class. Local Attributes shows attributes added specifically to a class.

  2. To view the feature dictionary for a specific application (such as Piping Design) you need to open the .CATfct file associated with it. The .CATfct file contains all the classes. To open it select File > Open, navigate to intel_a\resources\graphic, select "CATfct" in the types list then open the relevant .CATfct file, such as CATPipingSample.CATfct for Piping Design. The file will open in the feature editor and you will be able to see all existing classes, and make changes if you need to.