Opening a Reference Dictionary

This task shows you how to a open a feature file of a different domain from your current document to the Feature Dictionary Editor.
  1. Start the Feature Dictionary Editor and click Open Application Dictionary . The Open Application Dictionary dialog box is displayed:

  2. Click the down arrow to select an application, such as Piping, and enter a Client ID.

    A .CATfct opens and the basic classes available to you appear in the feature editor.

  3. Click Open Reference Dictionary . The Open Reference Dictionary dialog box opens:

  4. Navigate to select the .CATfct or .feat file you wish to open then click Open.

    As you can see above, the content of the reference dictionary you selected is displayed under the Reference View in the specification tree.
    The document from the Piping domain is still the active document while the reference dictionary from the Instrument domain is displayed.
You can add attributes to the object that is under the Reference View. However, creating subclasses is forbidden.