Adding Properties to an Object Class

This task shows you how to add properties to an object class.

  1. In the specifications tree, double-click the class to which you want to add a property.

    When you select a class its existing properties show under the Inherited Attributes and Local Attributes areas. Inherited attributes are those inherited from the super class to which this class belongs. Local attributes are properties added to the class itself.

  2. Click Add Attribute . The Add Attribute dialog box opens:

  3. Enter an attribute name.

    Click on the down arrow in the Attribute type box and select an attribute type.

    Click on the down arrow in the With box and select Single Value or Discrete Values. If you select Single Value, you can change the value later by using Edit > Properties and entering a new value. If you choose Discrete Values, you can only select a value from a predefined list. See Defining Discrete Values for a Property to find out how to create and save this list of values.

    Enter a default value.

  4. Click OK.

The new attribute is displayed in the Local Attributes area.