Knowledgeware Language  

The objects to be manipulated in formulas are available in the f(x) dictionary. 

The Dictionary allows you to access the functions, operators and  feature attributes that can be used in formulas.
Analysis Operators Circle Constructors Design tables
Direction Constructors Law Line Constructors
List Literal Type Mathematical Functions
Measures Object Type Operators
Part Measures Plane Constructors Point Constructors
String Surface Constructors Wireframe Constructors
To help you write a formula, the formula editor provides you with a dictionary. This dictionary exposes the list of parameters and functions you can use to define a formula. Depending on the category of objects to be referred to in the formula, the dictionary is divided into two or three parts. To insert any definition in the formula editor, just double-click the object either in the dictionary or in the tree. If you double-click a function in the dictionary, its signature is carried forward to the formula editor. Only the argument definitions are missing.

To get a full description of the Knowledgeware language, see the Knowledge Advisor User's Guide.