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Commands Reference, Volume 2: d through h

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Commands Reference, Volume 2: d through h
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ISO 9000
32-Bit and 64-Bit Support for the UNIX98 Specification
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Chapter 1. Alphabetical Listing of Commands
dadmin Command
date Command
dbx Command
dc Command
dd Command
defaultbrowser Command
defif Method
definet Method
defragfs Command
deleteX11input Command
delta Command
deroff Command
devinstall Command
devnm Command
df Command
dfpd Command
dfsck Command
dhcpaction Command
dhcpcd Daemon
dhcprd Daemon
dhcpsconf Command
dhcpsd Daemon
diag Command
diagrpt Command
diction Command
diff Command
diff3 Command
diffmk Command
digest Command
dircmp Command
dirname Command
dis Command
disable Command
diskusg Command
dist Command
docsearch Command
dodisk Command
domainname Command
dosdel Command
dosdir Command
dosformat Command
dosread Command
doswrite Command
dp Command
drm_admin Command
drslot Command
ds_reg Command
dscreen Command
dsmit Command
dsmit-addkey Command
dsmit-dec Command
dsmit-rmkey Command
dsmit-unlock Command
dspcat Command
dspmsg Command
dtappintegrate Command
dtscript Command
dtterm Command
du Command
dump Command
dumpcheck Command
dumpfs Command
echo Command
ed or red Command
edit Command
edquota Command
efdisk Command
eformat Command
egrep Command
emstat Command
enable Command
enq Command
enroll Command
enscript Command
entstat Command
env Command
eqn Command
errclear Command
errdead Command
errdemon Daemon
errinstall Command
errlogger Command
errmsg Command
errpt Command
errstop Command
errupdate Command
ex Command
execerror Command
expand Command
expfilt Command
explain Command
explore Command
exportfs Command
exportvg Command
expr Command
exptun Command
extendlv Command
extendvg Command
f Command
factor Command
fc Command
fddistat Command
fdformat Command
fdpr Command
feprom_update Command
ff Command
fg Command
fgrep Command
file Command
filemon Command
fileplace Command
find Command
finger Command
fingerd Daemon
fish Command
flcopy Command
fmt Command
fold Command
folder Command
folders Command
format Command
fortune Command
forw Command
frcactrl Command
from Command
fsck Command
fsck_cachefs Command
fsdb Command
fsplit Command
ftp Command
ftpd Daemon
fuser Command
fwtmp Command
fxfer Command
gated Daemon
gdc Command
gen_infofile Command
gen_toc_entry Command
gencat Command
gencopy Command
genfilt Command
geninstall Command
genkex Command
genkld Command
genld Command
gennames Command
gentun Command
genxlt Command
get Command
getconf Command
getopt Command
getopts Command
gettable Command
getty Command
getvrmf Command
glbd Daemon
gprof Command
grap Command
greek Command
grep Command
groups Command
grpck Command
ha_star Command
halt or fasthalt Command
hangman Command
hash Command
head Command
help Command
hosts2ldif Command
host Command
hostent Command
hostid Command
hostname Command
hp Command
hplj Command
hps_dump Command
htable Command
hty_load Command
hyphen Command
Appendix A. Notices