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Commands Reference, Volume 2

dosdel Command


Deletes DOS files.


dosdel [ -v ] [  -D Device ] File ...


The dosdel command deletes the DOS file specified by the File parameter. Use the -v flag to obtain format information about the disk.

DOS file-naming conventions are used with one exception. Since the \ (backslash) character can have special meaning to the operating system, use a / (slash) character as the delimiter to specify subdirectory names in a DOS path name. The dosdel command converts lowercase characters in the file or directory name to uppercase before it checks the disk. Because all file names are assumed to be full (not relative) path names, you need not add the initial / (slash).


-DDevice Specifies the name of the DOS device as /dev/fd0 or /dev/fd1. The default device is /dev/fd0.
-v Writes information to standard output about the format of the disk. Use this flag to verify that a device is a DOS disk.


To delete a DOS file on the default device, enter:

dosdel file.ext


/usr/bin/dosdel Contains the dosdel command.

Related Information

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Files Overview in AIX 5L Version 5.1 System User's Guide: Operating System and Devices describes files, file types, and how to name files.

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