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Commands Reference, Volume 2

fsplit Command


Splits FORTRAN source code into separate routine files.


fsplit-e SubprogramUnit ] ... [ File ]


The fsplit command takes as input either a file or standard input containing FORTRAN source code and splits the input into separate routine files of the form name.f, where name is the name of the program unit (for example, function, subroutine, block data or program).

The name for unnamed block data subprograms has the form blkdtaNNN.f, where NNN is three digits and a file of this name does not already exist. For unnamed main programs the name has the form mainNNN.f. If there is an error in classifying a program unit, or if name.f already exists, the program unit is put in a file of the form zzzNNN.f, where zzzNNN.f does not already exist.

Note: The fsplit command assumes that the subprogram name is on the first non-comment line of the subprogram unit. Non-standard source formats can confuse the command and produce unpredictable results.


-e SubprogramUnit Causes only the specified subprogram units to be split into separate files. Normally each subprogram unit is split into a separate file.

The -e flag can be used only for named main programs and block data subprograms. If names specified via the -e option are not found, a diagnostic is written to standard error.


The following fsplit command splits the subprograms readit and doit into separate files:

fsplit -e readit -e doit prog.f


/usr/bin/fsplit Contains the fsplit command.

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