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Commands Reference, Volume 2

dfpd Command


Provides load statistics about servers being load balanced to the Load Manager.


/usr/sbin/dfpd [ -d ] [ -f ConfigurationFile ]


The DFP daemon (dfpd) runs on the server being load balanced and provides load statistics about the server to the Load Manager. This enables the Load Manager to send future connections to the servers that are more available which helps in balancing the load.

When the dfpd daemon starts, it reads its configuration information from the file specified in the ConfigurationFile parameter. If the parameter is not specified, the dfpd daemon reads its configuration information from the /etc/dfpd.conf file.

Once started, the dfpd daemon listens for connections from the Load Manager on the port specified in the configuration file.

DFP daemon Configuration File

The /etc/dfpd.conf file can be updated by editing it. The entries in the /etc/dfpd.conf file include the following information:

The MD5 key entry specifies the secret key (up to 64 characters) that should be the same between the DFP clients, server and the Load Manager. An example of the MD5 key entry is:

md5key 1234567890abcdefabcdef12345678901234567890abcdefabcdef1234567890  

The Load Manager listener entry specifies the port on which the DFP server listens for Load Manager connection. An example of the Load Manager entry is:

ldlistener 9503 

The poll idle time entry specifies the period between successive computations of the CPU idle time. An example of the poll idle time entry is:

pollidletime 30 

The computed idle time is multiplied by the mfactor value before reporting the time to the Load Manager. This is useful in rationalizing the weights among machines of different capacities. The default value is the number of CPUs on the host. An example of the mfactor entry is:

mfactor 1


-d Runs in debug mode and does not become a daemon process.
-f ConfigurationFile Causes the daemon to use the specified ConfigurationFile.

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