First Edition (October 1994)

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Chapter 1. GL Subroutines
addtopup Subroutine
arc Subroutine
arcf Subroutine
attachcursor Subroutine
backbuffer Subroutine
backface Subroutine
bbox2 Subroutine
bgnclosedline or endclosedline Subroutine
bgnline or endline Subroutine
bgnpoint or endpoint Subroutine
bgnpolygon or endpolygon Subroutine
bgnsurface or endsurface Subroutine
bgntmesh or endtmesh Subroutine
bgntrim or endtrim Subroutine
blankscreen Subroutine
blanktime Subroutine
blendfunction Subroutine
blink Subroutine
blkqread Subroutine
c Subroutine
callobj Subroutine
charstr Subroutine
chunksize Subroutine
circ Subroutine
circf Subroutine
clear Subroutine
clkoff or clkon Subroutine
closeobj Subroutine
cmode Subroutine
cmov Subroutine
color or colorf Subroutine
compactify Subroutine
concave Subroutine
cpack Subroutine
crv Subroutine
crvn Subroutine
curorigin Subroutine
curson or cursoff Subroutine
curstype Subroutine
curvebasis Subroutine
curveit Subroutine
curveprecision Subroutine
cyclemap Subroutine
czclear Subroutine
defbasis Subroutine
defcursor Subroutine
deflinestyle Subroutine
defpattern Subroutine
defpup Subroutine
defrasterfont Subroutine
delobj Subroutine
deltag Subroutine
depthcue Subroutine
dopup Subroutine
doublebuffer Subroutine
draw Subroutine
drawmode Subroutine
editobj Subroutine
endfullscrn Subroutine
endpick Subroutine
endselect Subroutine
finish Subroutine
font Subroutine
freepup Subroutine
frontbuffer Subroutine
frontface Subroutine
fudge Subroutine
fullscrn Subroutine
gammaramp Subroutine
gbegin Subroutine
gconfig Subroutine
genobj Subroutine
gentag Subroutine
getbackface Subroutine
getbuffer Subroutine
getbutton Subroutine
getcmmode Subroutine
getcolor Subroutine
getcpos Subroutine
getcursor Subroutine
getdcm Subroutine
getdescender Subroutine
getdev Subroutine
getdisplaymode Subroutine
getdrawmode Subroutine
getfont Subroutine
getfontencoding Subroutine
getfonttype Subroutine
getgdesc Subroutine
Tokens for the getgdesc Subroutine
getgpos Subroutine
getheight Subroutine
getlsrepeat Subroutine
getlstyle Subroutine
getlwidth Subroutine
getmap Subroutine
getmatrix Subroutine
getmcolor Subroutine
getmcolors Subroutine
getmmode Subroutine
getnurbsproperty Subroutine
getopenobj Subroutine
getorigin Subroutine
getpattern Subroutine
getplanes Subroutine
getscrmask Subroutine
getsize Subroutine
getsm Subroutine
getvaluator Subroutine
getviewport Subroutine
getXdpy or getXwid Subroutine
getwritemask Subroutine
getzbuffer Subroutine
gexit Subroutine
ginit Subroutine
glcompat Subroutine
greset Subroutine
gRGBcolor Subroutine
gRGBmask Subroutine
gselect Subroutine
gsync Subroutine
gversion Subroutine
iconsize Subroutine
icontitle Subroutine
initnames Subroutine
isobj Subroutine
isqueued Subroutine
istag Subroutine
keepaspect Subroutine
lampoff or lampon Subroutine
lgetdepth Subroutine
linesmooth Subroutine
linewidth Subroutine
lmbind Subroutine
lmcolor Subroutine
lmdef Subroutine
loadmatrix Subroutine
loadname Subroutine
loadXfont Subroutine
logicop Subroutine
lookat Subroutine
lRGBrange Subroutine
lsetdepth Subroutine
lshaderange Subroutine
lsrepeat Subroutine
makeobj Subroutine
maketag Subroutine
mapcolor Subroutine
mapcolors Subroutine
mapw Subroutine
mapw2 Subroutine
maxsize Subroutine
minsize Subroutine
mmode Subroutine
move Subroutine
multimap Subroutine
multmatrix Subroutine
n3f Subroutine
newpup Subroutine
newtag Subroutine
noborder Subroutine
noise Subroutine
noport Subroutine
normal Subroutine
nurbscurve Subroutine
nurbssurface Subroutine
objdelete Subroutine
objinsert Subroutine
objreplace Subroutine
onemap Subroutine
ortho or ortho2 Subroutine
overlay Subroutine
patch Subroutine
patchbasis Subroutine
patchcurves Subroutine
patchprecision Subroutine
pclos Subroutine
pdr Subroutine
perspective Subroutine
pick Subroutine
picksize Subroutine
pixmode Subroutine
pmv Subroutine
pnt Subroutine
pntsmooth Subroutine
polarview Subroutine
polf Subroutine
poly Subroutine
polygonlist or polylinelist Subroutine
popattributes Subroutine
popmatrix Subroutine
popname Subroutine
popviewport Subroutine
prefposition Subroutine
prefsize Subroutine
pushattributes Subroutine
pushmatrix Subroutine
pushname Subroutine
pushviewport Subroutine
pwlcurve Subroutine
qdevice Subroutine
qenter Subroutine
qread Subroutine
qreset Subroutine
qtest Subroutine
rcrv Subroutine
rcrvn Subroutine
rdr Subroutine
readpixels Subroutine
readRGB Subroutine
readsource Subroutine
rect Subroutine
rectcopy Subroutine
rectf Subroutine
rectread or lrectread Subroutine
rectwrite or lrectwrite Subroutine
rectzoom Subroutine
reshapeviewport Subroutine
RGBcolor Subroutine
RGBmode Subroutine
RGBwritemask Subroutine
ringbell Subroutine
rmv Subroutine
rot Subroutine
rotate Subroutine
rpatch Subroutine
rpdr Subroutine
rpmv Subroutine
sbox, sboxi, or sboxs Subroutine
sboxf, sboxfi, or sboxfs Subroutine
scale Subroutine
screenspace Subroutine
scrmask Subroutine
setbell Subroutine
setcursor Subroutine
setdblights Subroutine
set_dither Subroutine
setlinestyle Subroutine
setmap Subroutine
setnurbsproperty Subroutine
setpattern Subroutine
setpup Subroutine
setvaluator Subroutine
shademodel Subroutine
singlebuffer Subroutine
splf Subroutine
stepunit Subroutine
strwidth Subroutine
subpixel Subroutine
swapbuffers Subroutine
swapinterval Subroutine
swaptmesh Subroutine
swinopen Subroutine
textport Subroutine
tie Subroutine
tpoff Subroutine
tpon Subroutine
translate Subroutine
underlay Subroutine
unqdevice Subroutine
v Subroutine
viewport Subroutine
winclose Subroutine
winconstraints Subroutine
windepth Subroutine
window Subroutine
winget Subroutine
winmove Subroutine
winopen Subroutine
winpop Subroutine
winposition Subroutine
winpush Subroutine
winset Subroutine
wintitle Subroutine
winX Subroutine
wmpack Subroutine
writemask Subroutine
writepixels Subroutine
writeRGB Subroutine
zbuffer Subroutine
zclear Subroutine
zdraw Subroutine
zfunction Subroutine
zsource Subroutine
zwritemask Subroutine

Chapter 2. GL Example Programs