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GL3.2 for AIX: Graphics Library (GL) Technical Reference

singlebuffer Subroutine


Invokes single buffer mode.


Graphics Library

C (libgl.a)

FORTRAN (libfgl.a)

C Syntax

void singlebuffer( )




The singlebuffer subroutine starts single buffer mode, in which the system simultaneously updates and displays the image data in the active bitplanes. Consequently incomplete or changing pictures can be displayed on the screen. The actual repartitioning of the frame buffer into single buffer mode does not occur until the gconfig subroutine is called.

Smooth animation, in which all drawing is hidden until it is complete, can be achieved in double buffer mode.

Note: This subroutine cannot be used to add to a display list.

Implementation Specifics

This subroutine is part of GL in the AIXwindows Environment/6000 Version 1, Release 2 with AIXwindows/3D Feature.


/usr/include/gl/gl.h Contains C language constant and variable type definitions for GL.
/usr/include/gl/fgl.h Contains FORTRAN constant and variable type definitions for GL.

Related Information

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