First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Alphabetical Listing of Commands
vacation Command
val Command (SCCS)
varyoffvg Command
varyonvg Command
vc Command
versions Command
vgrind Command
vi or vedit Command
view Command
virscan Command
vmh Command
vmstat Command
w Command
wait Command
wall Command
watch Command
wc Command
what Command
whatis Command
whatnow Command
whereis Command
which Command
which_fileset Command
who Command
whoami Command
whois Command
whom Command
write Command
writesrv Daemon
wtmpfix Command
wump Command
X Command
x_add_fs_fpe Command
x_add_nfs_fpe Command
x_add_trm_120 Command
x_add_trm_130 Command
x_add_trm_140 Command
x_add_trm_150 Command
x_add_trm_160 Command
x_add_xst_fpe Command
x_chg_trm_120 Command
x_chg_trm_130 Command
x_chg_trm_140 Command
x_chg_trm_150 Command
x_chg_trm_160 Command
x_def_net Command
x_ls_net Command
x_ls_net_fp Command
x_ls_trm Command
x_rm_fpe Command
x_rm_net Command
x_rm_trm Command
xargs Command
xauth Command
xclock Command
xcmsdb Command
xdat Command
xdevicem Command
xdm Command
xfs Command
xget Command
xhost Command
xinit Command
xinstallm Command
xlock Command
xlsfonts Command
xlvm Command
xmaintm Command
xmbind Command
xmkmf Command
xmodem Command
xmodmap Command
xnim Command
XNSquery Command
XNSrouted Daemon
xntpd Daemon
xntpdc Command
xpcmcia Command
xpowerm Command
xpr Command
xpreview Command
xprintm Command
xrdb Command
xsend Command
xset Command
xsetroot Command
xss Command
xstr Command
xterm Command
xuserm Command
xwd Command
xwud Command
yacc Command
yes Command
ypbind Daemon
ypcat Command
ypinit Command
ypmatch Command
yppasswd Command
yppasswdd Daemon
yppoll Command
yppush Command
ypserv Daemon
ypset Command
ypupdated Daemon
ypwhich Command
ypxfr Command
zcat Command

Appendix A. Command Support for Files Larger than 2 Gigabytes

Appendix B. Functional List of Commands