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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 6

ypmatch Command


Displays the values of given keys within a Network Information Service (NIS) map.


To Display Key Values for an NIS Map

/usr/bin/ypmatch [ -d Domain ] [ -k ] [ -t ] Key ... MapName

To Display the NIS Map Nickname Table

/usr/bin/ypmatch -x


The ypmatch command displays the values associated with one or more keys within a Network Information Service (NIS) map. Use the MapName parameter to specify either the name or nickname of the map you want to search.

When you specify multiple keys in the Key parameter, the system searches the same map for all of the keys. Since pattern matching is not available, match the capitalization and length of each key exactly. If the system does not find a match for the key or keys you specify, a diagnostic message is displayed.


-d Domain Specifies a domain other than the default domain.
-k Prints a key followed by a colon before printing the value of the key. This is useful only if the keys are not duplicated in the values or if you have specified so many keys that the output could be confusing.
-t Inhibits translation of nickname to map name.
-x Displays the map nickname table. This lists the nicknames (as specified by the MapName parameter) the command knows of and indicates the map name associated with each nickname.


To display the value associated with a particular key, enter:

ypmatch -d ibm -k host1 hosts

In this example, the ypmatch command displays the value of the host1 key from the hosts map in the ibm domain.

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