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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 6

x_add_fs_fpe Command


Adds a network font server to a font path.


x_add_fs_fpe Host Port Position TypeName


The x_add_fs_fpe command adds a font path element to the font path of the selected network type name for a font server to access fonts.

Host Specifies the name of the system where the font server resides.
Port Specifies the number of the font server port. This number must be in the /etc/services file and specified in decimal.
Position Specifies where to insert this element in the font path.
TypeName Specifies the name of the network type. Each network type has a font path consisting of one or more font path elements. (To see a list of the network types and their font path elements, press F4 in SMIT at the Xstation Network TYPE Name option). Specify the name of the network type to which the font path element will be added, or choose to have it added to all network type names by specifying All . If a font path element is added to All network types, will be placed at the end of each font path.


Access Control: Only the root user should have execute (x) access to this command.


To add the font server to the start of the font path for network type x_st_mgr.ether , enter:

x_add_fs_fpe winter 7500 1 x_st_mgr.ether

In this example, the font server on host winter has been added to the start of the font path for network type x_st_mgr.ether . The font server port is 7500 .


/usr/lpp/x_st_mgr/bin/x_add_fs_fpe Contains the x_add_fs_fpe command.
/etc/x_st_mgr/ether.cf Contains the network type x_st_mgr.ether configuration file (sample).

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