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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 6

XNSquery Command


Queries a Xerox Network Systems (XNS) host or router for routing information.


/usr/sbin/XNSquery Host


The /usr/sbin/XNSquery command obtains routing information from the remote XNS host or router. The local host sends a datagram to the remote host or router, using the well-known routing-information socket to request routing information. The remote host returns the routing-table information maintained on that system. This information includes the networks that can be reached from the remote host and the required metrics. Metrics are the number of hops or routers needed to reach the destination network.

In the AIX implementation of the XNS protocol, the local host forwards all incoming datagrams to the local host, if possible. Thus, the local host can be used as a router if the routing table is properly maintained.


To obtain the routing information or table contained at remote host 02.4e.5f.70.83.65 on network 40, enter:

XNSquery 40:02.4e.5f.70.83.65

This displays the following:

from 28H.24e5f7708365.1h
          8, metric 1
          110, metric 1
          40, metric 1
          120, metric 1

where 8 , 110 , 40 , and 120 are the accessible networks from host 40:02.4e.5f.70.83.65 and metric 1 specifies the number of hops or gateways between the host and the specified network.

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