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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 6

x_ls_trm Command


Lists the Xstations configured for the current host.




The x_ls_trm command displays, for the current host, information about each Xstation configured in the /etc/bootptab file. The name, network type, hardware address, and boot priority of each Xstation are displayed.


Access Control: Only the root user should have execute (x) access to this command.


To display the name, network type, and hardware address of each Xstation configured for the current host enter:


An example of a listing for a host with one Xstation follows:

Name    Network          Hardware address         Boot priority
taylor  ethernet         10005ac38e9              primary


/usr/lpp/x_st_mgr/bin/x_ls_trm Contains the x_ls_trm command
/etc/bootptab Contains the boot protocol table.

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