First Edition (October 1997)

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Note to Users

Chapter 1. System Management with AIX

Chapter 2. Starting and Stopping the System

Chapter 3. Security

Chapter 4. Administrative Roles

Chapter 5. Managing Users and Groups

Chapter 6. Logical Volumes
Logical Volume Storage Overview
Developing a Volume Group Strategy
Developing a Logical Volume Strategy
Managing Logical Volume Storage
Implementing Volume Group Policies
Reducing the File System Size in the rootvg Volume Group
Configuring a Disk Drive
Replacing a Disk When the Volume Group Consists of One Disk
Making an Available Disk a Physical Volume
Migrating the Contents of a Physical Volume
Importing or Exporting a Volume Group
Changing a Volume Group to Nonquorum Status
Creating a File System Log on a Dedicated Disk for a User-Defined Volume Group
Changing the Name of a Logical Volume
Removing a Logical Volume
Defining a Raw Logical Volume for an Application
Recovering from Disk Drive Problems
Synchronizing the Device Configuration Database
Using Removable Disk Management
Removing a Disk with Data Using the Hot Removability Feature
Removing a Disk without Data Using the Hot Removability Feature
Adding a Disk Using the Hot Removability Feature
Recovering from Disk Failure Using the Hot Removability Feature
Logical Volume Manager Limitation Warnings

Chapter 7. File Systems

Chapter 8. Paging Space and Virtual Memory

Chapter 9. Backup and Restore

Chapter 10. System Environment

Chapter 11. National Language Support

Chapter 12. Process Management

Chapter 13. System Resource Controller and Subsystems

Chapter 14. System Accounting

Chapter 15. Setting Up and Running Web-based System Manager

Chapter 16. System Management Interface Tool

Chapter 17. Managing the AIX Common Desktop Environment

Chapter 18. Documentation Search Service

Chapter 19. Managing Power Management

Chapter 20. Devices

Chapter 21. Tape Drives

Appendix A. AIX for BSD System Managers

Appendix B. Managing the InfoExplorer Program