First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

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Note to Users

Chapter 1. System Management with AIX

Chapter 2. Starting and Stopping the System

Chapter 3. Security

Chapter 4. Administrative Roles

Chapter 5. Managing Users and Groups

Chapter 6. Logical Volumes

Chapter 7. File Systems

Chapter 8. Paging Space and Virtual Memory

Chapter 9. Backup and Restore

Chapter 10. System Environment

Chapter 11. National Language Support

Chapter 12. Process Management

Chapter 13. System Resource Controller and Subsystems

Chapter 14. System Accounting
Accounting Overview
Setting Up an Accounting System
Generating System Accounting Reports
Generating Reports on System Activity
Summarizing Accounting Records
Starting the runacct Command
Restarting the runacct Command
Showing System Activity
Showing System Activity While Running a Command
Showing Process Time
Showing CPU Usage
Showing Connect Time Usage
Showing Disk Space Utilization
Showing Printer Usage
Fixing tacct Errors
Fixing wtmp Errors
Fixing General Accounting Problems
Displaying Locking Activity

Chapter 15. Setting Up and Running Web-based System Manager

Chapter 16. System Management Interface Tool

Chapter 17. Managing the AIX Common Desktop Environment

Chapter 18. Documentation Search Service

Chapter 19. Managing Power Management

Chapter 20. Devices

Chapter 21. Tape Drives

Appendix A. AIX for BSD System Managers

Appendix B. Managing the InfoExplorer Program