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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Removing a Disk with Data Using the Hot Removability Feature

The following procedure describes how to remove a disk that contains data, in order to move the disk to another system without turning the system off.


The disk you are removing must be in a separate non-rootvg volume group. To verify that the disk is in a separate non-rootvg volume group, list configuration information for volume groups see "Managing Logical Volume Storage" .


  1. Unmount any file systems on the logical volumes on the disk using the procedure "Unmounting a File System on a Removeable Disk".

  2. Deactivate and export the volume group in which the disk resides; unconfigure the disk and turn it off using the procedure "Remove a disk with data from the operating system".

    If the operation is successful, a message indicates the cabinet number and disk number of the disk to be removed.

  3. If the disk is placed at the front side of the cabinet, the disk shutter should automatically open.

  4. Ensure that the yellow LED is off for the disk you want to remove.

  5. Physically remove the disk. For more information about the removal procedure, see the section on removal in 7013 J Series Service Guide.

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