Third Edition (April 1996)

Trademarks and Acknowledgments

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Chapter 1. Host Connection Program Overview

Chapter 2. Using Host Connection Program

Chapter 3. Managing Host Connection Program
Managing HCON
Managing HCON Sessions
HCON Display Emulation
HCON Printer Emulation
HCON Processes
HCON File Transfer Process
Creating HCON File Transfer Shell Procedures
HCON Connections and Adapters
HCON Attachments
Configuring SNA Services for Use with HCON
HCON Display Session Pooling
HCON Screen Size Management
Installing and Updating HCON
Adapters Supported by HCON
Stopping the hcondmn Subsystem
Tuning Local Systems When Using SNA Services with HCON
Configuring HCON
Defining a New Terminal for HCON
HCON and terminfo Key Names
Customizing HCON for System Management
Maintaining HCON
Troubleshooting HCON
Configuring Hosts for HCON
Setting Up the Host LOGMODE Table for HCON
VTAM/NCP Node Definition Examples
Problem Determination Using an SNA Standalone Node T2.1 with HCON

Chapter 4. High-Level Language Application Programming Interface

Chapter 5. Programming the Host Connection Program

Appendix A. HLLAPI Return Codes

Appendix B. HCON Commands