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3270 Host Connection Program 2.1 and 1.3.3 for AIX: Guide and Reference

Customizing HCON for System Management

Several customization options are available to the HCON system manager.

Customizing Color and Keyboard Definitions

Use the HCON utility program, hconutil, to customize the display of 3270 character and field attributes on a terminal. Use hconutil to customize the keyboard location of emulator keys. With write access to the system default files, /usr/lib/hcon/e789_ctbl and /usr/lib/hcon/e789_ktbl, you can customize these aspects for the entire system. Binary color and keyboard definition tables are stored in the /usr/lib/hcon directory.

Users can develop their own customized color and keyboard definitions, overriding system defaults. For more information on individual customization, see "Customizing HCON Color and Highlight Values with the Utility Program" .

Setting the Terminal Type

When installed, HCON supports these ASCII terminals:

The terminal type must be set before starting HCON. The TERM environment variable depends on the type of terminal where the session is started. To set the TERM environment variable, issue the TERM command from the command prompt. This example sets the TERM environment variable for a 3151 terminal type:

TERM=ibm3151-132;export TERM

The following TERM environment variables are supported.

TERM Environment Variables
Terminal Type TERM Variable Descriptions
3151 ibm3151 24x80 (model 2)*
3151 ibm3151-25 25x80 (model 2) with OIA line
3151 ibm3151-132 28x132 (model 5) with OIA line
316X ibm3161 24x80 (model 2)*
316X ibm3161-c 24x80 (with NLS cartridge)*
316X ibm3162 24x80 (model 2)*
316X ibm3162-132 28x132 (model 5) with OIA line
316X ibm3163 24x80 (model 2)*
316X ibm3164 24x80 (model 2)*
5081 ibm5081 All 3270 models, font-size dependent
VT100 vt100 24x80 (model 2)*
VT220 vt220 24x80 (model 2)*
WYSE wy50 24x80 (model 2)*
WYSE wy60 24x80 (model 2)*
WYSE wy370 24x80 (model 2)*
Note: *The OIA line is not displayed. To see the OIA line, use the    CTRL-X key sequence to toggle between line 24 and the OIA    line.

To use another terminal with HCON on your system, define the new terminal's key values for HCON. "Defining a New Terminal for HCON" describes the steps for defining a new terminal.

Note: For the Japanese language, the PS/55 with DEC VT100 interface can be used to run 3270 Japanese Language applications. The TERM variable should be set to VT100. The PS/55 requires:

Converting Color and Keyboard Definition Tables

HCON customized color and keyboard tables from HCON Release 1.1 convert to the new format using the HCON utility. Existing customized binary tables are input to the hconutil command using the -c or -k flag. The defined keys are read correctly by the utility. Any undefined keys in the existing file are identified by the system as NOFUNC and can be defined again.

When converting an HCON 1.1 keyboard table to a newer release, define these keys:

Emulator Key Default Setting for HCON
ATTN key-attn
SYSREQ key-sysreq

Although no longer used by HCON, the e789_ktbl.p and e789_ctbl.p ASCII files may be used to view previous display and keyboard customization settings. The settings can then be duplicated using the HCON utility redefinition procedure.

Developing File Transfer Shell Scripts

To minimize user interaction with the file transfer process, write a shell script for similar file transfers that are performed frequently. For further information on developing shell scripts see "Creating HCON File Transfer Shell Procedures".

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