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3270 Host Connection Program 2.1 and 1.3.3 for AIX: Guide and Reference

Configuring SNA Services for Use with HCON

This article provides information on configuring SNA services for use with HCON.



Configure SNA to communicate with HCON by:

  1. Setting up an SNA physical network and configuring the necessary adapters. HCON supports running SNA Services over the following types of physical networks: Before you can use HCON to connect to a host using SNA Services, use the smit devices fast path command to configure the adapters necessary for the physical network you choose.
  2. Setting up the SNA Services profiles using the smit sna fast path command. Profiles must be set up to provide an attachment for each physical communications link and a connection for each HCON session.
    1. Set up an attachment by configuring the following profiles:
      • SNA Physical Link
      • SNA Logical Link
      • SNA Control Point
      • SNA Attachment
      • SNA Node
        Note: Set the SERVER synonym name field of the SNA Node Profile to sna .
    2. Set up a connection by configuring the following profiles for each logical unit (LU) address:
      • SNA Local LU
      • SNA Logical Connection
        1. The notify support field of the SNA Logical Connection profile must be set to yes .
        2. Set up the SNA Control Point profile, the SNA Local LU profiles, and the SNA Logical Connection profiles, using the SMIT SNA panel named Configure LU Profiles for 3270 Communication .
        3. It is not advisable to use a : (colon) when entering information into SMIT text-entry fields. SMIT interprets a : (colon) as a field delimiter.

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