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3270 Host Connection Program 2.1 and 1.3.3 for AIX: Guide and Reference

Installing and Updating HCON

Before using HCON on a local system, you must install:

To complete the set-up of HCON, configure HCON on both a local system and the mainframe host.

Note: Before using the HCON API to communicate with a host API application, the HCON host API must be installed on the mainframe host. For this installation, establish an HCON session with the host and log on. Before logging on, you must configure HCON on both a local system and the host.

HCON Software

Install the HCON system by using either the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) or the installp command. The HCON installation process:

HCON Message Catalog (PII)

The Program Integrated Information (PII) provides HCON messages in the appropriate national language for your system. Additional PIIs can be installed for other languages. When multiple PIIs are installed, the first PII installed on the system becomes the default PII for HCON. To use another PII, set the LANG environment variable to the appropriate national language. Install the HCON PII after the HCON software has been installed.

Adapters for HCON

Before HCON will run on your system, you must install and configure one of the following:

Install the adapter before or after you install the HCON software and PII, but HCON cannot run until at least one adapter is installed. The adapters are installed and configured the first time the system starts after attaching the adapter hardware. Use SMIT to modify the adapter configuration, as needed (see "Adapters Supported by HCON").

SNA Services Profiles

For SNA Node T2.1 attachments, you must configure SNA Services profiles. For more information, see SNA documentation.

Updating HCON

Occasionally HCON software needs updating. Use SMIT or the installp command. The update procedure is the same as for the install procedure.

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