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This site exists because running Linux on a 7043-140 is a bit more difficult than most RS/6000 models. Some people have been able to install and run Linux on their machines with no problems whatsover, and wonder what all the fuss is about. Others have had no success at all, although most people enjoy success these days. This site also includes information on running Linux on other RS/6000 PReP machines. I've created patches to support Linux on the 7043-240, 7024-E20, 7024-E30, 7025-F30 and the 7025-F40.

For a long time the official Linux kernel, as well as the LinuxPPC project kernels, did not work on these machines. Because of this, I put up precompiled kernels that incorporate the patches necessary to make it work. The good news is that recently a number of these patches have been incorporated into Linus' kernel. I still have a couple of patches worth having, so you may still like to try one of my kernels, or look at the patches themselves.

I welcome feedback! I have created a mailing list to discuss issues with running Linux on RS/6000 PReP machines. Send your comments to the mailing list. I monitor the list closely so you can expect just as quick an answer as if you emailed me directly ( hint hint :-) ).

Tux on my 7043-140