Setting the boot device on a 7043-140 - a walkthrough

Press 1 on your ASCII console or F1 on your GUI console to access the Systems Management Services. Note: the GUI is very different to the text version but hopefully you'll get the gist. The first screen you are presented with is shown below:

Select option 2 to take you to the "Select Boot Devices" menu:

Select option 3 to configure the 1st Boot Device, which takes you to the "Configure 1st Boot Device" screen, as shown below. As you can see, I've currently got the first hard disk selected. I'll change this to the second because that's where I installed SuSE in my previous walkthrough.

Select option 4 from the menu (or the correct option for your desired boot device), you will then be presented with the current boot sequence, as shown below:

Press X several times to get to the main menu, and you're done.