Linux on the RS/6000 7043-140
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Getting Help

Distribution Support

Obviously if you are using a distribution with which you have negotiated support for your machine, contact them in the first instance.

My own mailing list

I have created a mailing list for discussion of Linux on RS/6000 PReP machines. You are very welcome to post your questions or comments to this list, which is specifically for end users. I try to answer all questions asked on the list.

The machines in question are:

  • 7043-140 - working very well in general
  • 7043-240 - experimental - works for some people, but not others
  • 7024-E20 - support just added - should work very well
  • 7024-E30 - support just added - should work very well
  • 7025-F40 - experimental - works for some people, but not others

General Mailing Lists hosts a number of important mailing lists. I recommend you subscribe to the linuxppc-workstation mailing list. This list does not have a high volume of traffic and is for people running Linux on IBM PowerPC machines.


The #mklinux and #ppclinux channels on are good channels to go to if you have a problem you wish to discuss. You can get more information on IRC here. I hang about occasionally, my nick is leighbb. If you want to chat, drop me an email and arrange to meet. This might help me (or the other guys on the channels) help you more quickly.

Information to provide when asking for help

When asking a question it really helps if you could take a couple of minutes to include the following information:

  • The exact spec of your machine, including model number, processor type and speed, amount of memory, installed PCI/ISA cards, type of graphics card, and firmware revision.
  • The output from the following commands from the firmware prompt: "dev / ls" and "printenv". If you don't have a terminal to capture this output then the output of "printenv load-base" and "printenv real-base" at a minimum.
  • As much of the output produced when your problem occurs as possible. This is easy if you have a terminal emulator on a PC to capture it with.
Send all this info to the mailing list.

More to come...

Tux on my 7043-140