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IBM's RS/6000 Support FAQs
IBM RT FAQs   (local copy)

General AIX Documentation:  

RS/6000 Diagnostic LEDs
Common Boot Time LEDs and Their Solution
AIX Command Crib Sheet
How To Write To AIXterm's Status Line
Displaying And Setting The Bootlist
Where Is cu, uuencode, and uudecode?
Running the Diagnostic Programs from Diskettes
errno.h Error Codes and Descriptions
Using genucode To Update a Tape Drive's Microcode
The mrgpwd Command
How To Make a Read-only Filesystem On A Floppy
Cannot Read Man Pages, Where are nroff and tbl?
How To Save A Copy Of Print Files That Are Sent To A Printer
How To Replace A Hard Drive That Contains A Single Volume Group
Sort Command Does Not Sort Numeric Fields Correctly
Page Up and Down Keys In smit
Using dd To Back Up Raw Partitions
How To Reduce The Size Of A Filesystem
Restoring mksysb's With User Created /dev Directory
How To Lower The "nice" Level Of A User
Testing The Serial Ports From AIX
How To Determine The Block Size and Format Of An Unknown Tape
Where Is xmodem?

AIX 4.x Documentation:  

Booting From and Restoring a mksysb Tape
Moving The Boot Logical Volume Between Disks
Booting from CD and Restoring a mksysb Tape
How To Limit Root Login To The System Console
Moving Filesystems Using cplv
Disabling CDE Desktop Login
Error IDs And Descriptions For AIX Error Logger
I Cannot Get Global rcp Access Working
How To Create a Dummy Defined Hard Drive
How To Create Files Larger Than 1 Gigabyte
AIX 4.x Installation Disk Space Requirements
How To Configure an IOLAN and RS6000 for rcp Printing
How To Exchange a "Hot Swap" Mirrored Rootvg Disk
The Command lscfg Returns With No Information
How To Create a JFS Filesystem On A Floppy
Installing Man Pages (AIX 4.2)
Installing Man Pages (AIX 4.3)
Error When Adding Or Changing A Spooler Print Queue
Setting Up A Dial-in PPP Connection
Setting Up A Dial-out PPP Connection
Printing To A Windows Shared Printer Using Samba
Printing An ASCII File To A Postscript Printer
Root Password Recovery
Recovering From A "rm *" while in /
How To Reduce The Default Paging Space
How To Increase The Timeout Of rembak
How To Setup gated with OSPF
SMIT Fast Paths
How To Configure A SpiderPort and an RS/6000 For telnet Printing
How To Configure A SPLX and RS/6000 For rcp Printing
Problems With Telnet Sessions To Chase IOLAN Terminal Servers
Errors Running vmstat
"500 Illegal PORT Command" on WU-FTP Server
How To Install And Start XDM
How To Install And Start The X Font Server (xfs)
How To Mirror The Root Volume Group  (local copy)
How To Recreate A New JFS Log  (local copy)
Analyzing Dumps With The crash Command  (local copy)

Other Resources:

The comp.unix.aix Newsgroup Archive
IBM's Guide To Migration To AIX 4.3  
IBM's Guide To The Differences Between AIX 4.3.x and Earlier Releases  
IBM's Guide To Storage Management Under AIX 4.x  
The AIX Public Domain Software Library
unixguide.net's AIX Page
The IBM RT Information Page
AIX on the IBM RT PC Workstation

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The Home of the PowerPC GNU/Linux Port
Yellow Dog Linux
The NetBSD PowerPC Reference Platform

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port-prep - NetBSD on the PowerPC Reference Platform.
linuxppc - Lists pertaining to Linux on the PowerPC.
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