What's New?

New Functionality

You can automatically generate a CATIA mesh model, containing appropriate mesh constraints and properties, from a Structure design model. This makes for a more efficient Finite Element Model (FEM) creation process, compared to a manual approach.
You can create an opening with a standard opening. You can multi-select references and create multiple openings.

Enhanced Functionality

You can define the offset value of each plate limit. A positive value adds material. A negative value removes material. Additionally, limit tags display in your 3-D session to assist with plate limit management.
You can multi-select objects and apply an opening to more than one object at a time when creating an opening using a sketch and creating an opening with a 3D object.
You can define the offset value of each stiffener on free edge limit.
You can define the offset value of each stiffener limit.
Using the Structure Detailing Features Catalog task explains how you modify Chapter and Family information (and add Custom and Built-in families) in the sample catalog, StructureDetailingFeatures.catalog (a catalog of slots, endcuts and small assemblies).
Adding Slots, Endcuts and Small Assemblies Templates to a Catalog shows you how to store new user defined features (for slots, endcuts and small assemblies) in the sample catalog called, StructureDetailingFeatures.catalog.
You can select multiple penetrated objects when placing slots in your 3-D session.
You can create beams and pillars using point and limit, point and length, and two beams and a plane. Additionally, Beam dialog box (Beam command) allows you to select from a list of GSD stacking commands.
When generating graphic replacement for reference plane systems and structural objects, the XML file now offers versioning for future changes, consistent terminology, and better organization to better customize the file.
Slots and endcuts are preserved, where possible, when using copy and paste with a plate, opening, or stiffener.