Defining the Segment Route

This section explains the different ways you can route branches and/or bundle segments.

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To take advantage of the associativity between the construction points or part and the bundle segment, make sure the following option is selected:
  • Open the Tools > Options menu.
  • Select the Infrastructure > Part Infrastructure item.
  • In the External References frame of the General tab, check the Keep link with selected object option.

Bundle Segment Shape Computation

Each time you click Apply or OK during the definition phase, or if you update the bundle segment after any parameter modification, the following algorithm is launched to compute the best possible shape.

An Allow system to use a smaller bend radius value option lets you optimize the bend radius in order to retain the flexible curve. Keeping a flexible curve (a specific electrical curve) lets you manage slack.
Note: A standard spline does not permit slack management.

Depending on the result, the specification tree is updated according to the following chart:

Note: Working in Cache mode, the bundle segment does not display the icon.


Managing Local Slack at Junctions

During the design process, it is recommended that you create separate points (superimposed) for all network branches rather than just one common point. This will let you adjust slack on individual branches without impacting other branches in the same network.
Note: All points created must have the same reference point, and Link  is used to connect branches.

More particularly, when you add slack to branches (using Add Local Slack ):

  • If the branches are created from the center to the outside of the network
  • Slack is added to both branches:

To add slack to one branch only:

  1. Create a new point of type Coordinates, at 0,0,0 and whose reference point is the common point.

  2. Place the new point in No Show.

  3. Edit the route of the branch to which you do not want to add the slack and replace the common point with the new point you just created.

  4. Use Link to reconnect this branch to a branch with the common point.

Then, when you add slack to one branch (in red below):

You obtain something like this:

Electrical Harness Flattening Integration

It is recommended not to change the branch/bundle segment orientation if you work in the context of Electrical Harness Flattening:

  • If you first create the branch/bundle segment this way:
  • Do not modify it like this:

It would not be supported when synchronizing the data.