Collapsed Geometry
for Bundle Segments and Protective Coverings

Before V5R15, it was not possible to design a self-intersecting bundle segment.
The bundle segment geometry using a spline with a minimum bend radius smaller than the diameter of the circle was not supported. CATIA raised a twisted configuration error during update.

These errors can become very troublesome during harness design for these reasons:

  • After wire routing, bundle segment parameters (Minimum Bend Radius, Diameter) are updated according to the wire list and the designer is not able to control the geometry creation.

  • When an error occurs during update, the system stops updating until the designer repairs the problem found. On a big harness it can really take long time to fix every single problem.

  • In some specific design cases, collapsed geometry can represent physical situation.

Hence this capability improves the productivity (no more update errors to solve), eases V4 to V5 migration (V4 bundle segments were more permissive as not integrated in V4 drawing generation) and also enables some real design cases not supported by previous CATIA releases.

  1. The creation of self-intersecting geometry for bundle segments and protective coverings is possible.

  2. As it is now supported, when the Minimum Bend Radius is smaller than Diameter in the branch definition dialog box, a warning pops up:

    A check box lets you ignore this warning.

Protective Coverings in Light Mode

Only protective coverings displayed in Light mode are collapsible. The slot feature created to represent the hole does not handle the collapsed geometry, even deactivated.

Downward Data Compatibility

The bundle segments and protective coverings created before R15 does not support self-intersected geometry. Even if you edit the bundle segments, the rib feature will not be automatically regenerated.
An error appears: EHI_4.

Upgrade your data using the CATDUA.
Refer to Using the Data Upward Assistant (CATDUA V5).

Working Method

R14 Protective Covering Instantiated in R15

You first need to properly upgrade the reference part in the catalog.
Otherwise the instantiated protective covering will not support the collapsed geometry.