Creating Bundle Segments

Bundle segments are created in a CATPart, known as a multi-branchable document. In Electrical 3D Design & Documentation, one bundle segment corresponds to a branch in this document.

To create and route a bundle segment, you have to:

You can also split bundle segments into two.

This first task shows you how to create the multi-branchable document that will contain the bundle segments.
Continue from the previous task. Your document now contains a geometrical bundle.
  1. Double-click to activate the desired product: Geometrical Bundle1

  2. Click Multi-Branchable Document .

  3. A multi-branchable document is created. It includes:
    • A Multi-branchable1 part that becomes active
    • A Flexible Curve.1 belonging to the part, which at that time, does not have any geometrical representation.
    • The first bundle segment whose parameters and route you will now define.
    The Electrical 3D Design Assembly workbench switches to the Electrical 3D Design Part workbench and the Branch Definition dialog box appears.