Creating and Modifying Connectors

For parts to place in the manner described in Placing a Door or Hatch on Compartment and Placing a Ladder on a Compartment, connectors must be placed on them correctly. This section explains ways of creating, modifying and deleting connectors. Compartment and Access parts require special connector placement, which is described below.

When you build a connector for an access part, such as a door or hatch, you have to select three parameters: face, alignment and orientation.

Face: The face is used to determine how to attach a part to a placement boundary - a wall or bulkhead in the case of a door. Whatever surface you select as the face will be placed against the placement boundary you select.

Alignment: The alignment line you select in building a connector is used to determine initial placement of a part. The alignment line on the part aligns with the location that you click on the placement boundary.

Orientation: The orientation is used to determine the sill height. In the case of a door you should normally select the orientation plane as the bottom of the door. In the case of a hatch it should be the location to which you want to measure from the orientation boundary, to define the orientation boundary offset.

When you build a connector for an access part, such as a vertical or incline ladder, please note the following:

You can, in addition, place connectors according to your own special needs.

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