Placing a Door or Hatch on a Compartment

This task shows you how to place a door or a hatch on a compartment.  
Placing a door (or hatch) on a compartment defines the the type of door, its location, opening, and certain other parameters like orientation.



1. Click the Place Access Part button . The Catalog Browser displays.

2. Expand the trees, and click on the part you want to place.

Note that when you move your mouse pointer over a bulkhead or wall, the part you selected "moves" with it. You are prompted to select the placement boundary.

3. Define the placement boundary by selecting the location where you want to place the part, such as a wall, and click.

This also fixes the lateral position of the door.

You are prompted to select the orientation boundary.

4. (Optional) To flip the part around, click the blue arrow (the placement vector), as shown below:

5. Define the orientation boundary by clicking the deck surface.

The Define Offsets dialog box displays.

A placement vector also displays on the deck - it is the red arrow in the image below. Click it to place the door below the deck.

6. To complete the door placement, do the following:
  1. For Sill Height, key in the orientation boundary offset, (the distance between the orientation boundary, in this case the deck, and the surface on which the orientation plane was placed). In this example it is the bottom of the door.
  2. Click Apply to see the location of the part.
  3. (Optional) Click the Create Opening checkbox to automatically create the opening for the part when it is placed. (Note, the part you are placing must have an opening associated with it for this command to work.)
  4. Click OK to place the part.

The door is placed at the location you defined, and it displays in the specifications tree.