Product Structure

This page deals with the Product Structure options in the following tabs:
  • the Cache Management enables you to considerably reduce the time required to load your data,
  • the Cgr Management settings enable you to define the policy for the generation of cgrs into the cache,
  • the ENOVIAvpm tab shows you to manage CDM Interoperability Administration, customize PSN Display Options and V4 CDM Cache Management,
  • the Nodes Customization tab lets you give a particular name, reference or description to a product or a component in the Specification Tree,
  • the Product Structure tab lets you define Product Structure settings (Part Number, Low Light Mode, etc...),
  • the Product Visualization tab lets you define Product Visualization settings (Representation and Visualization mode type),
  • the Reconciliation tab lets you select the reconciliation rules that will be available in the Reconciliation session,
  • the Tree Customization tab lets you define Specification Tree Order options.