Tree Customization

This tab deals with Tree Customization and more particularly with:

Specification Tree Order

  1. In the Specification Tree Order category, there is a list of CATIA attributes corresponding to the nodes in the Specification Tree. This list allows you to order nodes in the Specification Tree and to activate or deactivate their visualization.

  2. This is an order by default. You can modify this order by selecting a Specification Tree Node Name and clicking the Up or Down button. You can reorder the whole structure, for instance:

  3. Click OK and the option panel is closed. The result in the Specification Tree corresponds to the order you had customized in the setting, for instance:

  4. The column entitled Activated allows you to activate or deactivate one or several nodes in the Specification Tree. For instance, you can choose to deactivate the Constraints node:

And you obtain:

Products and Publication Nodes cannot be deactivated.
  1. If you add a new node (for instance, a Material: Concrete) in the Specification Tree, you can activate the corresponding nodes:

  2. You can deactivate this component by the same way:

  3. Or reorder the components within the Specification Tree:

And you obtain: