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Rsh Invokes the restricted version of the Bourne shell.
ranlib Converts archive libraries to random libraries.
rc Performs normal startup initialization.
rc.powerfail Shuts down a system when a power failure is detected.
rcp Transfers files between a local and a remote host or between two remote hosts.
rcvdist Sends a copy of incoming messages to additional recipients.
rcvpack Saves incoming messages in a packed file.
rcvstore Incorporates new mail from standard input into a folder.
rcvtty Notifies the user of incoming messages.
rdist Distributes identical copies of files on multiple hosts.
rdump Backs up files onto a remote machine's device.
read Reads one line from standard input.
readlvcopy Reads a specific mirror copy of a logical volume.
reboot Restarts the system.
recreatevg Recreates a volume group that already exists on a specified set of disks. Imports and varies on the volume group.
red Edits text by line.
redefinevg Redefines the set of physical volumes of the given volume group in the device configuration database.
reducevg Removes physical volumes from a volume group. When all physical volumes are removed from the volume group, the volume group is deleted.
refer Finds and inserts literature references in documents.
refile Moves files between folders.
refresh Requests a refresh of a subsystem or group of subsystems.
refrsrc Refreshes the resources within the specified resource class.
regcmp Compiles patterns into C language char declarations.
rembak Sends a print job to a queue on a remote server.
remove Deletes files from var/adm/acct/sum and var/adm/acct/nite subdirectories.
remsh Executes the specified command at the remote host or logs into the remote host.
renice Alters the nice value of running processes.
reorgvg Reorganizes the physical partition allocation for a volume group.
repl Replies to a message.
replacepv Replaces a physical volume in a volume group with another physical volume.
repquota Summarizes quotas for a file system.
reset Initializes terminals.
resize Sets the TERMCAP environment variable and terminal settings to the current window size.
resolve_links Enables and disables cross-book links to HTML library books that were not installed on the system.
restbase Reads the base-customized information from the boot image, and restores it into the Device Configuration database used during system boot phase 1.
restore Extracts files from archives created with the backup command.
restvg Restores the user volume group and all its containers and files.
rev Reverse characters in each line of a file.
revnetgroup Reverses the listing of users and hosts in network group files in NIS maps.
rexd Executes programs for remote machines.
rexec Executes commands one at a time on a remote host.
rexecd Provides the server function for the rexec command.
rgb Creates the database used by the X-Window system server for colors.
ripquery Queries the RIP gateways.
rlogin Connects a local host with a remote host.
rlogind Provides the server function for the rlogin command.
rm Removes (unlinks) files or directories.
rm_niscachemgr Stops the nis_cachemgr daemon and comments the entry in the /etc/rc.nfs file.
rm_nisd Stops the rpc.nisd daemon and comments the entry in the /etc/rc.nfs file.
rm_nispasswdd Stops the rpc.nispasswdd daemon and comments the entry in the /etc/rc.nfs file.
rmail Handles remote mail received through Basic Networking Utilities (BNU).
rmaudrec Removes records from the audit log.
rmcctrl Manages the Resource Monitoring and Control (RMC) subsystem
rmclass Remove a  Workload Management class.
rmcondition Removes a condition.
rmcondresp Deletes a link between a condition and one or more responses.
rmdel Removes a delta from a SCCS file.
rmdev Removes a device from the system.
rmdir Removes a directory.
rmdsmitd Removes domains from the member list in the Distributed System Management Interface Tool (DSMIT).
rmf Removes folders and the messages they contain.
rmfilt Removes a filter rule from the filter table.
rmfs Removes a file system.
rmgroup Removes a group.
rmitab Removes records in the /etc/inittab file.
rmkeyserv Stops the keyserv daemon and comments the entry in the /etc/rc.nfs file.
rmlv Removes logical volumes from a volume group.
rmlvcopy Removes copies from a logical volume.
rmm Removes messages from active status.
rmnamsv Unconfigures TCP/IP-based name service on a host.
rmnfs Changes the configuration of the system to stop running NFS daemons.
rmnfsexp Unexports a directory from NFS clients.
rmnfsmnt Removes an NFS mount.
rmnotify Removes a notify method definition from the Notify object class.
rmpath Removes a path from a multipath I/O (MPIO) capable device.
rmprtsv Unconfigures a print service on a client or server machine.
rmps Removes a paging space from the system along with any logical volume on which it resides.
rmqos Changes the configuration of the system to remove QoS support.
rmque Removes a printer queue from the system.
rmquedev Removes a printer or plotter queue device from the system.
rmresponse Removes a response.
rmrole Removes a role. This command applies only to AIX 4.2.1 and later.
rmrsrc Removes a defined resource.
rmserver Removes a subserver definition from the Subserver Type object class.
rmsock Removes a socket that does not have a file descriptor.
rmss Simulates a system with various sizes of memory for performance testing of applications.
rmssys Removes a subsystem definition from the subsystem object class.
rmt Allows remote access to magnetic tape devices.
rmtcpip Removes the TCP/IP configuration for a host machine.
rmtun Deactivates operational tunnel(s) and optionally removes tunnel definition(s).
rmuser Removes a user account.
rmvfs Removes entries in the /etc/vfs file.
rmvirprt Removes a virtual printer.
rmyp Removes the configuration for NIS.
roffbib Prints a bibliographic database.
route Manually manipulates the routing tables.
routed Manages network routing tables.
rpc.nisd Implements the NIS+ service.
rpc.nispasswdd NIS+ password update daemon.
rpc.pcnfsd Handles service requests from PC-NFS (Personal Computers Network File System) clients.
rpcgen Generates C code to implement an RPC protocol.
rpcinfo Reports the status of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) servers.
rrestore Copies previously backed up file systems from a remote machine's device to the local machine.
rsh Executes the specified command at the remote host or logs into the remote host.
rshd Provides the server function for remote command execution.
rstatd Returns performance statistics obtained from the kernel.
rtl_enable Relinks shared objects to enable the runtime linker to use them. This command only applies to AIX 4.2 or later.
runacct Runs daily accounting.
runcat Pipes output data from the mkcatdefs command to the gencat command.
rup Shows the status of a remote host on the local network.
ruptime Shows the status of each host on a network.
ruser Directly manipulates entries in three separate system databases that control foreign host access to programs.
rusers Reports a list of users logged on to remote machines.
rusersd Responds to queries from the rusers command.
ruutry Contacts a specified remote system with debugging turned on and saves the debugging output in a temporary file.
rwall Sends messages to all users on the network.
rwalld Handles requests from the rwall command.
rwho Shows which users are logged in to hosts on the local network.
rwhod Provides the server function for the rwho and ruptime commands.