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Commands Reference, Volume 4

roffbib Command


Prints a bibliographic database.


roffbib -m Macro ] [  -x ] [  FormatFlags ] [  Database... ]


The roffbib command prints out all records that are in a bibliographic database format rather than in a format for footnotes or endnotes. Generally, the command is used as a filter for the sortbib command.

The roffbib command accepts most of the flags used by the nroff command and the troff command, in particular, the -e, -h, -n, -o, -r, -s, and -T flags.

If abstracts or comments are entered following the %X key field, they are formatted into paragraphs for an annotated bibliography. Several %X fields can be given if several annotation paragraphs are desired.


FormatFlags Accepts most of the nroff command flags, especially the -e, -h, -n, -o, -r, -s, and -T flags.
Database Stores a bibliographic database of all records.


-m Macro Specifies a file that contains a user-defined set of macros. There should be a space between the -m flag and the macro. This set of macros replaces the ones defined in the /usr/share/lib/tmac/tmac.bib file. Users can rewrite macros to create customized formats.
-x Suppresses the printing of abstracts or comments that are entered following the %X field key.


Following is an example of the roffbib command used in conjunction with the sortbib command.

sortbib Database | roffbib


/usr/share/lib/tmac/tmac.bib Contains macros used by the nroff and troff commands.

Related Information

The addbib command, indxbib command, lookbib command, nroff command, refer command, sortbib command, troff command.

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