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Commands Reference, Volume 4

rexd Daemon


Executes programs for remote machines.




The rexd daemon executes programs for remote machines when a client issues a request to execute a program on a remote machine. The inetd daemon starts the rexd daemon from the /etc/inetd.conf file.

Noninteractive programs use standard file descriptors connected directly to TCP connections. Interactive programs use pseudo-terminals, similar to the login sessions provided by the rlogin command. The rexd daemon can use the network file system (NFS) to mount the file systems specified in the remote execution request. Diagnostic messages are normally printed on the console and returned to the requester.

Note: A root user cannot execute commands using rexd client programs such as the on command.


/tmp_rex/rexd Contains temporary mount points for remote file systems.
/etc/exports Lists the directories that the server can export.
inetd.conf Starts RPC daemons and other TCP/IP daemons.
/etc/passwd Contains an entry for each user that has permission to log in to the machine.

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