First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Chapter 1. System Files

Chapter 2. File Formats

Chapter 3. Special Files

Chapter 4. Header Files
List of Major Control Block Header Files
Options and Flags for HCON File Transfer Header Files
dirent.h File
dlfcn.h File
eucioctl.h File
fcntl.h File
filsys.h File
flock.h File
fullstat.h File File
fxfer.h File File File
g32_api.h File File File
g32_keys.h File File File
grp.h File
iconv.h File
inode.h File
inttypes.h File
ipc.h File
iso646.h File
limits.h File
math.h File
mode.h File
msg.h File
param.h File
poll.h File
pthread.h File
pwd.h File
sem.h File
sgtty.h File
shm.h File
spc.h File
srcobj.h File
stat.h File
statfs.h File
statvfs.h File
systemcfg.h File
tar.h File
termio.h File
termios.h File
termiox.h File
types.h File
unistd.h File
utmp.h File
values.h File
vmount.h File
wctype.h File
x25sdefs.h File for X.25
cb_call_struct Structure for X.25
cb_circuit_info_struct Structure for X.25
cb_clear_struct Structure for X.25
cb_data_struct Structure for X.25
cb_dev_info_struct Structure for X.25
cb_fac_struct Structure for X.25
cb_int_data_struct Structure for X.25
cb_link_name_struct Structure for X.25
cb_link_stats_struct, x25_query_data, or x25_stats Structure for X.25
cb_msg_struct Structure for X.25
cb_pvc_alloc_struct Structure for X.25
cb_res_struct Structure for X.25
ctr_array_struct Structure for X.25

Chapter 5. Directories