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AIX Version 4 Files Reference

fxhfile.inc File


Contains external declarations for Pascal file transfer.


The /usr/include/fxhfile.inc file provides external definitions for the Pascal pfxfer and pcfxfer file-transfer program functions. The fxhfile.inc file is the Pascal file-transfer invocation file. Each module that uses the Pascal file-transfer function must include the fxhfile.inc file. The fields in the fxhfile.inc file are:

function pfxfer(var xfer : fxc;
                comm : stringptr):integer;external;
function pcfxfer(var sfer : fxs):integer;external;

Implementation Specifics

The fxhfile.inc file is part of the Host Connection Program (HCON).

This file requires the use of a Pascal compiler.

Related Information

The cfxfer function, fxfer function, g32_fxfer function.

The File Transfer Program Interface in 3270 Host Connection Program 2.1 and 1.3.3 for AIX: Guide and Reference.

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