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AIX Version 4 Files Reference

cb_circuit_info_struct Structure for X.25


Used by the x25_circuit_query subroutine to return information about the circuit.


struct cb_circuit_info_struct
  unsigned long flags;
  unsigned short lcn;
  unsigned int incoming_packet_size;
  unsigned int outgoing_packet_size;
  unsigned int incoming_throughput_class;
  unsigned int outgoing_throughput_class;
  unsigned int incoming_window_size;
  unsigned int outgoing_window_size;
} ;


X25_FLG_INCOMING_PACKET_SIZE Indicates that the incoming_packet_size field is used.
X25_FLG_OUTGOING_PACKET_SIZE Indicates that the outgoing_packet_size field is used.
X25_FLG_INCOMING_THROUGHPUT_CLASS Indicates that the incoming_throughput_class field is used.
X25_FLG_OUTGOING_THROUGHPUT_CLASS Indicates that the outgoing_throughput_class field is used.
X25_FLG_INCOMING_WINDOW_SIZE Indicates that the incoming_window_size field is used.
X25_FLG_OUTGOING_WINDOW_SIZE Indicates that the outgoing_window_size field is used.


flags Notification to the API that the associated field has been used.
lcn Logical channel number.
incoming_packet_size Actual size for incoming packets.
outgoing_packet_size Actual size for outgoing packets.
incoming_throughput_class Throughput class for incoming calls.
outgoing_throughput_class Throughput class for outgoing calls.
incoming_window_size Number of incoming packets that can be sent without confirmation.
outgoing_window_size Number of outgoing packets that can be sent without confirmation.

Related Information

The x25sdefs.h file.

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