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AIX Version 4 Files Reference

cb_msg_struct Structure for X.25


Used by the x25_receive and x25_call_clear subroutines to pass the contents of a received packet to an application.


struct cb_msg_struct
  int msg_type;
    struct cb_call_struct   *cb_call;
    struct cb_data_struct   *cb_data;
    struct cb_clear_struct  *cb_clear;
    struct cb_res_struct    *cb_res;
    struct cb_int_struct    *int_data;
  } msg_point;


msg_type Type of message being returned, as follows:
X25_CALL_CONNECTED Call connected: The cb_call field points to the cb_call_struct structure.
X25_INCOMING_CALL Incoming call: The cb_call field points to the cb_call_struct structure.
X25_DATA Data: The cb_data field points to the cb_data_struct structure.
X25_DATA_ACK Data acknowledgment: no buffer.
X25_INTERRUPT Interrupt: Theint_data field points to the cb_int_data_struct structure.
X25_INTERRUPT_CONFIRMATION Confirmation of a previously issued interrupt request: no data is returned.
X25_CLEAR_INDICATION Indication that call has been cleared.
X25_CLEAR_CONFIRM Confirmation that the call has been cleared. The cb_clear field points to the cb_clear_struct structure. (This should only be received on a x25_call_clear call.)
X25_RESET_INDICATION Reset indication: The cb_res field points to the cb_res_struct structure.
X25_RESET_CONFIRM Reset confirmation: no data is returned.
X25_UNKNOWN_PACKET Allow for packets in future CCITT releases. These packets can be safely ignored by the application.
cb_call Pointer to the call structure, cb_call_struct.
cb_data Pointer to the data structure, cb_data_struct.
cb_clear Pointer to the clear structure, cb_clear_struct.
cb_res Pointer to the reset structure, cb_res_struct.
int_data Pointer to the interrupt data structure, cb_int_data_struct.

Related Information

The x25sdefs.h file.

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