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AIX Version 4.3 Messages Guide and Reference

Single Value in the Three-Digit Display

If your system halts with a single value in the three-digit display, use the procedures in the following sections to recover:

201-299 in the Three-Digit Display

Has the system halted with a value in the range 201-299 in the three-digit display?

Yes Go to "Mode Switch" .
No Go to "Values in the Three-Digit Display".

Mode Switch

Turn the key mode switch to the Secure position. Wait 5 minutes or until the value in the three-digit display changes.

Did the three-digit display value change to 200?

Yes Go to "Your Boot Device Status".
No Go to "Values in the Three-Digit Display".

Your Boot Device Status

The system is in a loop while attempting to restart from the devices indicated by the values in the three-digit display. Determine if the boot device is ready by checking the following:

Did these actions resolve the problem?

Yes Stop. You have completed these procedures.
No Go to "Hardware Diagnostics" in in AIX Problem Solving Guide and Reference. If the diagnostic programs reveal a defective device, report the problem to your hardware service organization. If the diagnostic programs do not reveal a problem, report the problem to your software service organization.

Values in the Three-Digit Display

Most three-digit display values are progress indicators that do not display for longer than 30 seconds. Exceptions, however, are noted.

Find the display value in the appropriate "List of Three-Digit Display Values" and follow the procedures indicated:

Go back to Three-Digit Display Values.

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