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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Displaying Locking Activity

You can display system locking activity with the lockstat command.


Show locking activity by entering:

lockstat 2 6

Where the first number specifies the number of seconds between sampling intervals, and the second number is the number of samples to display. If no parameters are given, a single report covering a one second period is displayed. The report's output is similar to:

Subsys   Name                Ocn   Ref/s   %Ref   %Block   %Sleep
PROC     PROC_LOCK_CLASS      2    1442    3.06    6.98     0.75
PROC     PROC_INT_CLASS       1    1408    2.98    5.86     1.77
IOS      IOS_LOCK_CLASS       4     679    1.44    5.19     2.29

The lockstat command can filter its output depending on a number of conditions. This allows you to limit the reports to the most active locks, or to those locks that are causing the most contention. Limiting the number of locks that are analyzed, reduces the system resources required to generate the locking reports.

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