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AIX Version 4.3 System Management Guide: Operating System and Devices

Generating Reports on System Activity

To generate a report on system activity, use the prtacct command. This command reads the information in a total accounting file (tacct file format) and produces formatted output. Total accounting files include the daily reports on connect time, process time, disk usage, and printer usage.


The prtacct command requires an input file in the tacct file format. This implies that you have an accounting system set up and running or that you have run the accounting system in the past. See "Setting Up an Accounting System" for guidelines.


Generate a report on system activity by entering:

prtacct -f Specification -v "Heading" File

Specification is a comma-separated list of field numbers or ranges used by the acctmerg command. The optional -v flag produces verbose output where floating-point numbers are displayed in higher precision notation. Heading is the title you want to appear on the report and is optional. File is the full path name of the total accounting file to use for input. You can specify more than one file.

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