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3270 Host Connection Program 2.1 and 1.3.3 for AIX: Guide and Reference

HCON Commands

This section includes:

See "HCON Programming References" for information about the File Transfer Program Interface, example programs, and system management files.

Emulation and File Transfers

e789 or xhcon
                          Initiates one or more HCON display sessions.
                          Initiates an HCON printer session.
                          Starts file transfers.
                          Starts the HCON utility program, which allows the user to customize HCON color and keyboard tables, start file transfers, log on to and log off of the host system, and create, modify, and display AUTOLOG scripts.

AUTOLOG Procedures

HCON provides the following commands used for generating and testing the implicit logon procedures:

                          Creates, modifies, and displays AUTOLOG scripts.
                          Contains a test program for testing AUTOLOG profile scripts.
Note: The /usr/lib/hcon directory contains this example:
logform Specifies implicit logon input form.

The /usr/lib/hcon directory contains these AUTOLOG programming examples:

SYStso Contains an AUTOLOG script for the MVS/TSO host.
SYSvm1 Contains an AUTOLOG script for the VM/CMS host.
SYSvm2 Contains an AUTOLOG script for the VM/CMS host.

Configuring HCON

                          Creates an AUTOLOG script.
                          Starts the HCON utility program.
mkhcons Creates a session profile.
                          Registers a new users.
                          Diagnoses activity between and HIA and the 5080 Graphics Control Unit.
                          Sets administrative limit to number of HCON sessions. This command is available beginning with Version 2.1.3.
                          Starts the hcondmn subsystem.
tlog Tests an AUTOLOG script.

Maintaining HCON

The Maintaining category is subdivided by functionality. Commands that fall into more than one subdivision are repeated.

Working with HCON Users

                          Registers users.
lshconu Lists all users.
                          Removes a user.

Working with Session Profiles

                          Changes a session profile.
                          Returns the type of a session profile.
mkhcons Creates a session profile.
lshconp Lists a user's session profiles.
lshcons Lists the characteristics of a session.
rmhcons Removes a session profile.
                          Lists the status of all session profiles and SNA logical unit (LU) pools.

Working with HCON Sessions

e789 or xhcon
                          Initiates one or more display sessions.
                          Stops an HCON session and its associated resources.
                          Transfers files between your system and the host.

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