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3270 Host Connection Program 2.1 and 1.3.3 for AIX: Guide and Reference

e789 Command


Initiates one or more HCON display sessions.


e789{ -h | SessionName [ SessionName ... ] }


The Host Connection Program (HCON) e789 command initiates one or more 3278/79 display sessions. The e789 command allows connection to a System/370 or System/390 host using one or more adapters to connect to a host. The e789 command supports up to 26 host sessions per user, depending on the number available through the adapters.

The SessionName parameter specifies the name of the session to be initiated. The name must be an alphabetic character. Uppercase characters are treated as lowercase. The session name must refer to a session that has been previously defined using SMIT or the mkhcons command. If more than one session is specified, the names should be listed without blanks separating them. For example, the following command initiates four display sessions:

e789 abcd

The e789 command supports the following ASCII terminals: 3151, 3161, 3162, 3163, 3164, DEC VT100, DEC VT220, WYSE WY-50, and WYSE WY-60. 3278/79 Model 2 emulation is available on all ASCII terminals. Model 5 emulation is available on ASCII terminals configured with a screen size of 28 x 132. The 3278/79 emulation includes support for seven colors plus reverse video, underline, or blink. The actual attributes that display depend on the capabilities of the display.

Note: Only HCON users can own sessions and use the e789 command.


-h Displays a help screen for the e789 command. This screen consists of a summary of each available command option and command operation. When the -h flag is specified, the help screen displays, all other options are ignored, and emulation sessions are not initiated.


  1. To start a 3270 display session using HCON, enter:
    e789 a
    Display session a is established, if it has been previously defined using SMIT or the mkhcons command.
  2. To start three 3270 display sessions using the HCON, enter:
    e789 azx
    The display sessions a , z , and x are established if they were previously defined using SMIT or the mkhcons command. Only one session is active to the screen at a time. To toggle between sessions, use the emulator NEXT key.
  3. To get help for the e789 command, enter:
    e789 -h
    A help screen for the e789 command displays. No display session is initiated.


/usr/bin/e789 Contains the e789 command.
$HOME/hconerrors Contains HCON error messages.

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