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 Adapter ID Range 6000 - 61FFPage 7 of 10

 ETADF6001Tiara LanCard/E TWISTED PAIR Adapter
 ET 6002Tiara LanCard/E 10BT (AUI/10BaseT UTP) Adapter
 NET 6007Micro Channel Network Interface Card (MCNIC)
  ADF6011Computer Logics Ltd. - MicroLogic II Adapter
 NETADF6014Standard Microsystems Corporation ARCNET-PS110
 ETADF6018Gateway Communications G/Ethernet Controller
   601CMulti-Tech Systems MT224PS/ES
 SCNADF601FHewlett-Packard Scanner Interface Adapter
CMLSMFADF6020Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 2M Memory Multifunction Adapter
CMLSMFADF6021Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 4M Memory Multifunction Adapter
CMLSMFADF6022Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 6M Memory Multifunction Adapter
CMLSMFADF6023Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 8M Memory Multifunction Adapter
CMLSMFADF6024Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus Memory Multifunction Adapter
CMLSMFADF6025Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 12M Memory Multifunction Adapter
MTRBPARADF6028MetraByte UCPIO-12 Parallel Port Interface
MTRBDAQADF6029MetraByte UCDAS-8PGA Data Acquisition Adapter
MTRBSERADF602AMetraByte uCCOM-422 RS-232/422 Communications Interface
 NETADF602FARCMASTER Microchannel/Arcnet Interface
 SCNADF6038DEST Corp. Scanner Controller
INTELMDMADF6040Intel 2400B Modem
 ETADF60423Com EtherLink/MC Ethernet Adapter
 3270 6043Multi-Tech 3270 Emulation Adapter
 COM 6054Kronos RS-485 Comm/Key Adapter 6600133-001
 NETADF605FTiara Computer Systems LANCARD A/II ARCNet Adapter
  ADF6060IDEAcomm 5251 4 LU long/short card
 3270ADF60613270 Local Communication Card
 COM 6065INS SDLC Adapter
 FAX 6073Datacopy MicroFax FAX Adapter
   6077Periscope Model I
 SERADF6078COMTROL HOSTESS/MC Eight Port Serial Adapter
 MEMADF608DHyperRam MC 32/16 Memory Expansion Adapter (SIMM)
 MFADF608EHyperRam 32/16 MF
 TRMADF6091Stallion Technologies ONboard2 Terminal Adapter
   6092Rabbit RB78 Coax Adapter
 IDEADF6094REPLY AT IDE Drive Adapter
MTRBDAQ 6099MetraByte UCCTM-05 Counter/Timer Board
MTRBDAQ 609AMetraByte 4 Channel Analog Output
MTRBDAQ 609BMetraByte UCDISO-8 Control Input & Relay Output Interface
  ADF609EMICROTEK MS-PS/2 Interface Adapter
  ADF60A1Software Dynamics, Inc. MPCC/2
  ADF60ACMICROTEK MS-PS/2 Interface Adapter
  ADF60B7Advanced Vision Research MegaBuffer/2
 MPOADF60C2Boca Research Dual Async/Parallel Adapter
   60C6Allen-Bradley Company, Inc. 1784-KT2
 PARADF60C9Boca Research Bidirectional Parallel Adapter
 FAXADF60D0Hayes JT Fax 4800P
 PRC 60DFRabbit RB74 Remote Communications Processor
 MPOADF60E5Boca Research Serial/Parallel Adapter
   60E7MicroWay mW1167-M70/80 w/3167
IBMSCSIADF60E9IBM Personal System/2 SCSI-2 Adapter/A (Future Domain MCS700)
 PRCADF60EDMDCB/2 & FDCB/2 Disc Coprocessor Board
 IOADF60FCAMS RS232CL or RS422/485-IO MC Adapter Rev B
   60FEDatapoint MicroChannel RIM IV Adapter
   6103SCANCAD 128
 MPOADF6104AMS Multiport Adapter: Two Serial and One Parallel Ports
   6106Altera LP5 Logic Programmer
 COM 611ABanyan Systems ICA/mC Intelligent Communications Adapter
   611BRaster Devices Controller
   611ECorel LS2000
 ETADF611FNetWorth, Inc. - EtherNext Network Adapter
 SCSIADF6127Future Domain MCS-600/700 SCSI Adapter (TMC-1800 VLSI)
 COM 612DDaynaTALK LocalTalk Interface Card
 VOI 613ADialogic VR/81, VR/41 Voice Recognition Adapter
 PRCADF613DRabbit RB75 Remote Communications Processor
 ETADF613FSONIC Model 50, 60, 70, 80 Demo Board
 PAR 6145UCPIO-24 High Current Parallel Port Interface
 PARADF6146UCPIO-72 Triple Parallel Port Interface
  ADF6147Novell Micro Channel Compatible Key Card
  ADF6149Micro Channel Key Card Extender
  ADF6150Novell NL/2 MCA LocalTalk Adapter
   614ECLI 5250e Adapter
  ADF6157Novell Remote III Adapter
 SER 6162COMTROL HOSTESS 550/MC 16 Port Serial Adapter
  ADF6163DIGI Sync/570i
   61675136-SD-M Direct-Link Interface Card
 JSTADF6169Gravis Eliminator (MCA) Game Card
 NET 616AWide Area Network Interface Co-Processor // NewPort Systems WNIC
 DAQ 616CA-Bus Data Acquisition and Control Adapter
CMPTMPOADF616EComputone ValuePort V6-MC (PS6)
 MPOADF616FAMS IOSIX-1 Adapter, 4-Serial 1-Parallel
 PRC 6175InfoChip Systems 105 Data Compression Coprocessor
 COMADF617BWall Data Datagate/Coax
CMPTMPOADF617EComputone PS8/16 Controller
 SERADF617FAMS IOSIX-2 Adapter, 4-Serial
 SER 6180LavaLink Dual Async Adapter
 PAR 6181Lava Systems Parallel Adapter
   6182LavaLink 2400/A Adapter
   6183LavaLink 422 Adapter
 MEM 6184Lava 4 or 8 Megabyte Extended Memory Adapter
   6185Lava Arclink/A
 AUD 61A2Digital Audio Playback Adapter
 MPOADF61AFAMS IOSIX-9 Adapter, 2-Serial 2-Parallel
 SCSI 61B2SCSI Fixed Disk Controller
  ADF61B4CAERE Typist Interface
INTELFAXADF61BFIntel SatisFAXtion Adapter
 TR 61C4LanWay TR 16/4
 ISDNADF61C7AVM ISDN-Controller B1
 ETADF61C8SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite/A (SMC8013EP/A)
 ETADF61C9SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite 10T/A (SMC8013WP/A)
IBM  61CBSmile Target Adapter for IBM PS/2
 SER 61D6MSA Multi-Serial Adapter
   61DFATTACHMATE - Asynchronous SNA Adapter
NCRNETADF61E0NCR Neural Network Board
 MDM 61E1Cardinal Internal Modem
   61E8LASAT PSM96Prestige or PSM96Plus or PSM24Prestige
   61EBFAXPRO 1402-IO
   61ECFAXPRO 6000-PP
CMPTMPOADF61F2Computone IntelliPort-II MC-8
CMPTMPOADF61F3Computone IntelliPort-IIEX MC-CEX
CMPTMPTADF61F8Computone MC-MPA2 Multi-Protocol Adapter
CMPTMPOADF61FDComputone IntelliPort-PSCC Cluster Controller
 MDM 61FETelebit Trailblazer Plus Internal Modem

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