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Entry updated Mar 2007
 61FD ::: Computone IntelliPort-PSCC Cluster Controller

Adapter ID

Adapter ID
Computone IntelliPort-PSCC Cluster Controller
COM MPO  Multiport
CMPT  Computone Corp.


Computone's first cluster offering in 1987 was the ATCC-C16 combination, followed closely by a Micro Channel version, the PSCC. These used separate drivers from the IntelliPort/ATvantage line, and the PSCC used different drivers from the ATCC.


The ATCC is a host controller, containing four RJ45 receptacles. A special 6-wire twisted-pair cable connects each receptacle to an external box, called the C16. The board has a bar-graph LED display and DIP switches, and two EPROMS of version 3.00 or greater.


This is the MicroChannel version of the ATCC. There were two variations produced. The first was sold directly by Computone. The second was sold to IBM, who purchased manufacturing rights and bundled the card into RS/6000 systems. The latter products were sold and supported directly by IBM.

Limitations of ATCC/PSCC

Like the IntelliPort/ATvantage line, the ATCC/PSCC boards are memory-mapped, and require even larger blocks of addressing space. This often makes it impossible to install them in hosts having 16MB or more of DRAM.


Computone drivers for UNIX, Windows NT and DOS at www.alturaxl.com/drivers



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